Had a great time yesterday and thanks again for the fishing trip you donated to the Wounded Warrior Project...    Ross, 2013

The Medical Lake Hunter Education would like to thank you for offering a free guided hunt to one of our students who wouldn't have had the opportunity to go hunting if it were not for you generosity...   Medical Lake Hunter Education, 2012

Thanks again for taking Abby out. We are enjoying some of the jerky from her doe...    Jack & Abby, 2011

Thank you for hanging in there. I know it made for a long day for Nic. Again, thank you for your time and patience...   ​Lance & Nic, 2011

Thank you so much. I had a blast and have had many days with no success so it doesn't cause me any let down...      ​Michael, 2013

Deeply appreciate the car you give the land and your ethics. K.C. was on a high all day...          ​Dan and K.C., 2013

Wanted you to know how appreciative I am for the time spent hunting. You made my year with the success we had. so many times I have gone hunting in the past w/o success, so I was not expecting more than at least Duane bringing home a doe. Jerry was so excited to get his buck and I was happy to bring one home too. You can count on me and one of my kids to come next year...        ​Terry , 2013